Ultimate Turf™ by Solutions 4Earth™ is a complete, balanced, precision blend liquid plant food formulated to duplicate the sap of a plant. It feeds the plant and improves the soil by increasing the growth of micro-orgranisms that are critical for maximum plant development. This results in:

  • Disease control
  • Insect control
  • Higher yield

Ultimate Turf™ is a detoxifier in the soil, it reduces the need for harmful chemicals, and it removes salts, leaving your yard looking green and beautiful!

Benefits of Using Ultimate Turf™

  • Promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria
  • Restores the soil’s biological balance
  • Increases the carbon level in the soil
  • Increases root mass
  • Reduces salts and nitrates in the soil
  • Decreases water usage
  • Reduces contaminates in the soil
  • Reduces insect and disease damage
  • Balances the soil pH
  • Promotes richer color, and denser, thicker blades

“Ultimate Turf has improved my root system and turf like no other product. It’s exciting to finally have a product
that helps me get my field ready for opening day and the rigors of a full season…”
Mark Razum, Head Groundskeeper Colorado Rockies, Coors Field

Mortensen Tree Service is a distributor of Solutions 4Earth products.

To order call 303-734-9320