Nourish your trees with EnviroTree™ by Solutions 4Earth™, a revolutionary tree fertilizer specially formulated for nurturing your healthy trees and helping to heal sick or diseased trees.

EnviroTree™ is a patented mix of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients, and soil amendments blended specifically for trees. It also works great in plants to replenish the nutrients lost over time and helps to restore the soils’ biological balance. EnviroTree™ contains many beneficial nutrients including Norwegian Kelp and humic acids.

EnviroTree™ liquid tree food uses only biologically sound, food grade ingredients that trees can easily digest with no harmful bi-products for you or your family. Our process is simple. By spraying directly onto the bark, the tree naturally takes the product in through its skin, or cambium layer. It sends the nutrients to the roots, stabilizes the soil in the process, then sends the nutrients and energy back to the top of the tree, giving the tree stunning new growth and color. EnviroTree delivers a liquid product, but it is being applied to the largest living tissue on the tree – the bark.

Giving your trees exactly what nature intended can cause a
complete shift in the health of your entire landscape!

Since EnviroTree™ provides a balanced diet, a tree’s fruit, nuts and flowers will benefit greatly from this nutrition. Just look at the difference in the apples. The apple on the left came from a tree that had been treated in the spring. It was picked and eaten in the fall … it was juicy and delicious! The apple on the right is from an untreated tree. Although the color is nice and red, the size is noticeably smaller.

Benfits of Using EnviroTree™

EnviroTree™ liquid tree food is the world’s one and only tree product with benefits like this:

  • The ability to add new growth at any time of year
  • Promotes plant health
  • Enhanced root development
  • More yield to fruit bearing trees
  • Resistant to frost damage
  • Increases the carbon level in the soil
  • Soil microbes and bacteria for soil rejuvenation
  • Can help the tree become resistant to insects and disease
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Mostly organic, biologically sound formula
  • Unparalleled health and vigorous growth

All ingredients are biologically sound and environmentally friendly so it’s completely safe for you, your kids, your pets and all wildlife!

There’s a reason the U.S. Department of Agriculture created a food pyramid, and mothers harp about balanced meals – humans require a host of nutrients at varying volumes to promote and maintain good health.

Trees may be less complex, but they require a variety of nutrients at varying levels. The problem with most fertilizers is that they contain too much macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – and too few, if any, micronutrients.

Remember Popeye? Huge forearms and calves, but no upper arms, quads, or chest muscles. Apparent strength at the extremities with little to nothing at the core. In other words, outrageously unbalanced.

Eating excessive amounts of spinach while neglecting other nutrients is a metaphor for the story of nitrogen in the plant world. Nitrogen is the nutrient needed in greatest quantity for above ground growth. Which explains why we use so much of it; we love fast-growing, rich green foliage.

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