What Is The Difference Between Tree Pruning and Trimming

By adam | June 29, 2021

As a homeowner or beginner in the tree and plant care, it can be not very clear to recognize the purpose of both practices. It is very common to believe that pruning and trimming bring the same thing to your plants, and many times you do it on your own, causing damage throughout their growth. …

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What Is The Best Season for Tree Trimming

By adam | June 29, 2021

When thinking about pruning, consider the type of tree involved, as well as other factors such as the impact of insects, trees’ susceptibility to disease, and the surrounding landscape in your home. There is no exact formula for pruning trees.  However, it is generally recommended to prune or trim trees during the winter months. From…

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5 Things to Look in a Tree Services Company

By adam | June 29, 2021

There are many different companies offering arboriculture services. That’s why it’s so important to know who you’re hiring to avoid potential problems. Looking for a tree removal company with certified arborists is an excellent place to start.  Trusting your green space to inexperienced companies could cause severe problems for you, and you could end up…

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Why You Need Tree Trimming and Pruning This Summer

By adam | June 29, 2021

A summer tune-up is healthy for trees because it can reduce the amount of pruning you would have to perform during winter. Summer trimming can reduce the amount of pruning you would be required to do later in the year.  Trimming back the young, tender branches is a good idea if you want to encourage…