At Mortensen Tree Service We are Passionate About Our Greenwood Village Tree Trimming Service

At Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., we are passionate about trees. As a leading tree service company serving the greater Greenwood Village, CO area, we take pride in our comprehensive range of tree services that cater to all your arborial needs. From tree removal and tree trimming to plant health services, our dedicated team ensures that your trees receive the utmost care and attention.

When it comes to tree removal, we understand that it is not a decision to be taken lightly. That’s why our skilled arborists meticulously assess each tree, considering factors such as health, structural integrity, and proximity to buildings. Our focus is always on safety, ensuring the removal process is executed efficiently and with minimal disruption to your property.

Tree trimming is an art that requires precision and expertise. Our arborists possess the necessary knowledge and experience to shape and trim trees, enhancing their aesthetics while promoting healthy growth. From crown reduction to selective pruning, we employ industry-best practices to transform your trees into breathtaking natural wonders.

At Mortensen Tree Service, we believe that healthy trees contribute to a thriving ecosystem. Our plant health services encompass comprehensive evaluations, proactive treatments, and disease management, ensuring the longevity and vitality of your trees. With our meticulous approach, we address issues promptly, employing sustainable practices to nurture and protect the natural beauty of your landscape.

Branch out to excellence with Mortensen Tree Service, Inc. Discover the comprehensive tree services we offer and experience the difference of our unwavering commitment to tree care. Contact us today at: and let us help you with all your Greenwood Village, CO tree needs.

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