About us

Our mission is to provide the finest quality tree service. Respond promptly to all inquires. While operating all phases of the operation in a very professional and safe manner.

Mark Mortensen – ISA Certified Arborist

I formed Mortensen Tree Service, Inc. (aka Mortensen’s Property Services, Inc.) in 1995 to offer superior tree service in the Denver metro area. It all begins with a proper evaluation of the tree’s condition. This is a face to face meeting, discussing the goals and the clients desired outcome, determining if it realistic and/or, ethical, explaining in detail how we will accomplish those goals, and then following through, with the desired and expected outcome, in a timely and professional manner.

One thing that separates Mortensen Tree Service from the competition is that, I am personally there through every phase — from answering the telephone, to conducting the evaluation, performing the work, and providing additional advice for the care of the trees.