Why Trees are Important:  Tree Removal in Centennial, CO

At Mortensen Tree, we truly believe that removing a tree is always the last resort.  There are times though, when it becomes necessary.  If you are worried about the health or safety of your tree, then we encourage you to call us today to set up a time for an evaluation.  We always recommend natural and environmentally friendly ways to prolong the life of your tree if it is possible, so if you are needing a second opinion about a tree on your property that you are wanting to save, then feel free to reach out.  Otherwise, we would love to share with you why our goal is always to save the trees if it is economical, ethical, and safe.

Mortensen Tree Service, Inc

Reason #1 – Trees Increase Property Values

As a matter of fact, having trees that provide shade can increase your property value by up to 20%, incredible right?  This is because not only are they beautiful to look at, but they provide so many benefits to property owners.

Reason #2 – Trees Slow Water Runoff & Prevent Soil Erosion

If you have a problem with too much water on your property, then you can reduce flash flooding by planting or having trees.  In some cases, a tree can intercept almost 1,000 gallons of water annually when it is fully grown.  It also helps recharge underground aquifers, which is amazing.  Additionally, the roots bind soil and buffer the wind and rain that prevents soil erosion.

Reason #3 – Trees Help With Noise Pollution & Clean The Air

Most of us know that a single tree removes carbon dioxide from the air, but did you also know that having a tree or two in your yard can help abate major noises?  If you are looking for something that absorbs some of the sounds from road traffic then a tree is a great place to start.

Nature has a beautiful way of providing us with the means to do all of these things and more.  This is why removing a tree is our last resort.  However, there are trees that do become too damaged to survive, get sick and die.  These trees should be removed, and it is best if that task is done by professionals.  Please, don’t hesitate to continue browsing our website www.mortensentree.com for more information or reach out to us today for answers to all of your questions.  At Mortensen Tree, we offer truly professional tree service in Centennial, CO, and are excited to help you learn more about whatever has you worried when it comes to your trees.