“Lacka Rootis” – Most Plant Problems can be Attributed to an Inferior or Lacking Root System

By Mark Mortensen, ISA Certified Arborist, RM-1002A

Whether we are looking at trees or turf, most plant problems can be attributed to the soil which is not allowing sufficient root development to support the top health of the plant.  Most insect and disease problems are the result of environmental stress.  If we can improve the growing conditions in their environment they are less susceptible to insects and disease.  That is what we do at Mortensen Tree Service; we evaluate the soil to get at the root of the problem.

Mortensen Tree is on the cutting edge of science and plant health care. We are tirelessly promoting EnviroTree, Ultimate Turf and other products produced by Solutions4Earth. These products are mostly food grade ingredients and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional synthetic programs.  Our biggest challenges in Colorado are soil health and adequate moisture.  If we can promote a healthy soil, we can then produce roots to support healthy trees, plants and turf in our landscapes.

Mortensen Tree is the distributer for Solutions4Earth and you can purchase the products from us or have us apply them for you. I invite you to visit www.Solutions4Earth.com.