A summer tune-up is healthy for trees because it can reduce the amount of pruning you would have to perform during winter. Summer trimming can reduce the amount of pruning you would be required to do later in the year. 

Trimming back the young, tender branches is a good idea if you want to encourage thicker branches and discourage weak growth. Trim can also help keep the tree’s height under control, making it easier to maintain and manage. If you have a fruit tree, summer pruning will cause it to flower more and bear more fruit the following spring. 

The following reasons will explain better why pruning your trees is essential and beneficial in the long run.

5 Reasons To Trim and Prune Your Trees ASAP This Summer

Many people think of pruning as a winter chore, but there are several good reasons to prune your trees and shrubs in summer. Here are five reasons to consider summer pruning.

Helps Curb Growth 

Summer is an excellent time to prune to reduce the total leaf area, which reduces the amount of food produced and sent to the roots.

Restore Shape 

Summer is the perfect time for restorative pruning. It can correct problems resulting from over-or under-pruning. It can also clean up damage from winter and spring storms.

Assessing Health and Vigor

In summer, it is easier to assess the health and vigor of the plant canopy. You can notice what you are removing, such as defective branches. You can shorten long new growth branches to reduce the risk of storm damage next fall or winter.

Reduce Diseases and Pests 

When done correctly, pruning can reduce plant diseases. Selective thinning of branches will increase circulation and light penetration throughout the tree. This will improve the shrub or tree health. 

Encourage Fruit Trees

Many fruit trees produce a crop on short flowering spurs along the lower half of the branches. These do not need pruning, but cutting back the vigorous growth in spring will encourage more productive growth, beneficial for you and your trees.

Contact Mortensen Tree Service For Expert Tree Care This Summer

Take care of your trees; you will see great benefits from pruning them in the summer since you will avoid the impediment that winter brings to do so. To do so, Mortensen Tree Service offers different tree care services such as pruning, trimming, and tree removals. Contact us for a free quote. 


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