When thinking about pruning, consider the type of tree involved, as well as other factors such as the impact of insects, trees’ susceptibility to disease, and the surrounding landscape in your home. There is no exact formula for pruning trees. 

However, it is generally recommended to prune or trim trees during the winter months. From November through March, most trees are dormant, which is beneficial for them. Here’s why this is the ideal time.

Winter is Your Ally For Pruning and Trimming Trees

Winter is the season when trees are not under active growth, so that season tends to be a particular time of year for tree pruning. Most trees are leafless in winter, which helps expose problems such as crossing branches or ingrowth problems. 

Pruning trees in winter encourages early spring growth. Still, it’s best to do it after the coldest part of the season to avoid leaving trees open to extreme cold snaps. Summer is also an excellent season for trimming or pruning trees. You will identify which branches are weakened due to leaf weight, seasonal pests, or overgrowth. 

Have Better Looking and Performing Trees

Proper pruning of plants encourages growth, improves overall plant health, increases the attractiveness of your property, and can increase flower and fruit production. When done at the right times and in the right way, you ensure that your green areas are preserved; you will avoid accidents, pests, and your home will look clean and harmonious. 


  • Encourage the development of flowers and fruits.
  • Maintain a dense plant hedge
  • Encourage the desired plant form or special garden forms
  • Control plant sizes and shapes
  • Keep shrubs well-proportioned and dense
  • You take out unwanted branches, water sprouts, and undesirable fruiting structures that spoil the plant’s appearance.

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