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Emerald Ash Borer

on Friday, 08 May 2015.

Many folks are well aware that a very aggressive insect pest called the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was detected in Boulder, CO in September 2013. EAB is an outright killer of ash trees and there are efforts under way to slow or confine the attack. It is now thought that EAB has actually been in Boulder for six years before it was detected.

There are efforts being made to confine EAB but it may already be present in other parts of Colorado that we are unaware of. The fastest way to speed the spread and distribution of EAB will be by movement of infected firewood. There are quarantines in place and fairly well publicized campaigns about moving firewood or wood debris.

There are other boring insects that also attack ash trees including the lilac ash borer, ash bark beetle and the flatheaded apple tree borer. These insects are considered native insects and though they cause significant damage to ash trees the trees can usually survive but ash trees infested with EAB will likely die within three - six years after attack.

Most options to prevent borer problems using insecticides are expensive and most are also not really healthy options for the soil and will kill beneficial insects (like honey bees), microorganisms, earth worms, nematodes and beneficial bacteria in the soil. This is why The Colorado Department of Agriculture, CSU and others who have been studying this are cautioning about using such remedies or preventions until the pest is within 5 miles. However, the chemical suppliers are urging using their pesticides as a preventative and often cite Nebraska’s suggested distance of 15 miles and also we may not know of every location where EAB is present.

Mortensen Tree Service has its own beliefs and suggested strategies for protecting trees from insects and disease that are based on science, commonly published facts by the International Society of Arboriculture, the Colorado Tree Coalition, major universities and supported by years of personal observations of all types of landscape issues.

The underlying thread of all insect disease problems is stress. Stressed trees are most vulnerable. How do we prevent stress in trees? We create healthy soils that allow for healthy roots that support heathy top growth in all types of plants – trees, turf, flowers, vegetables…

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