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Before performing any of our services, it is important we first complete (at no charge) a Tree Evaluation.

tree-trimming-pruningMortensen feels it is important that the prospective client be present during the initial evaluation, as different trees require different care. You will have a very clear understanding of your trees current condition and how we will care for them. You will learn quite a bit about your trees in the process. There are several factors to consider:

  • Species or type of tree
  • Age of tree
  • Condition of tree
  • Site conditions
  • Soil condition
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Insects
  • Disease

Trees can be damaged by improper pruning, construction, adverse weather conditions, insects, soil composition, and disease. Additionally, young trees and mature trees require different care. Nutrients and pruning determine how a tree grows, and even if trees look healthy, they can harbor disease or have structural problems. A Horticultural Consultation with Mortensen Tree Service can identify problems before they become serious.

Common Tree Defects:

  • Leaning trees
  • Multiple trunks
  • Branches of weak or poor attachment
  • Interior Decay
  • Cracks
  • Dead Branches

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