Let's get to work!

Mark and his crew have done excellent work for me.

I have been using Mortensen Tree Service for about two or three years. Mark, the owner, and his team come out around twice a year. Mark comes to my home to give an estimate and then he brings in his crew to do the job.

Mark is very easy going, easy to work with, and an all around likeable guy. He has done several different services for me, from consulting, to tree trimming, and tree removal. All of his services have been really good.

I can't compare his service to anyone else, because they're the only tree service I've used. But, they really work with you in terms of pricing. They'll do their services biannually or quarterly, so you don't have to pay all at once.

One of the best things that has come out of their services was that they have recommended environmental treatments for my trees, to help them blossom.

As a result of their services, my trees have really blossomed. My trees are really healthy and so much better looking. I would recommend Mortensen Tree Service.

Debbie C.  Denver, CO

Excellent caring service

Mark Mortensen of Mortensen Tree Service is absolutely excellent. I have had him do work for me twice now, and would hire him again without hesitation. About a year or two ago he had cut a tree down next to our driveway because it was interfering with the cars in the neighborhood, and more recently they trimmed our front tree and did an excellent job. They also made sure not to leave a mess, which was very much appreciated.

Because Mark is an arborist he knows exactly what he is doing, and is not just choosing random branches and cutting them off. What I loved most about him was how he showed me a catalog of work that he had already done, and also recommended products for us to use in order to maintain our trees. We bought two bottles of Envirotree from him in order to keep our trees, plants, and lawn green. At first I was hesitant to buy the product because it was a little pricey, but sooner than I thought I had seen very good results. I don't think my lawn has ever been so green!

Mark definitely knows what he is doing and is great at it, but Mortensen's Tree Service really lives up to its name by providing actually great service. He and his helpers are wonderful, kind, and caring. When we had put in another order for EnviroTree his wife actually came to our house and personally delivered the product.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Mark and everyone at Mortensen's Tree Service.

Phyllis J.  Highlands Ranch , CO

Professional Arborist, Great Customer Service

We needed to have a tree near our driveway cut down. Another tree in our front yard needed trimming (had probably never been done). Mark came to give an estimate. We were impressed with his knowledge, preparation, notebook of pictures and description of what would be done. Customer Service is TOPS! Professional work is completed with great care and with Arborist knowledge. All areas of work were properly cleaned up. Mark told us about Enviro Tree and showed pictures of dramatic difference to trees and grass. (He 'COULD' do the application, he told us, however, he also said it would be easy enough for us to do.) We are pleased that we decided to make the purchase! Our tree is now a beautiful deep green color. We knew before that some nutrient was missing, because the leaves did not look healthy. An area of our grass that always has continual sun, is also looking much better and will improve with each application. We have purchased Enviro Tree again and will always continue to use it in our yard for beautiful trees and lawn. We highly recommend Mortensen Tree Service!!!

P J.  Highlands Ranch, CO

Awesome Job!

Mark and Andy pruned my large Cottonwood tree yesterday. There were more dead and broken limbs in there than I knew, but when they were done...it looks amazing! I have a love/hate relationship with this tree, and don't want to lose it for the summer shade and fall color it provides. Their work was impeccable, as was their cleanup. Last night, all our immediate neighbors commented on how great the tree looked and wanted to know who did it...even my really picky neighbors! I highly recommend them!

Terry T.  Highlands Ranch, CO

Great Arborist

Mark has trimmed our trees every other year for several years. Each time I have been pleased with the trees' new open natural look. I also appreciate the way Mark has worked carefully around the flowerbeds and cleared away everything at the end of the job.

Julie H.  Englewood, CO